Self sampling

Step 1: Label Swab Envelopes (give requested information on the envelope)

Remove one envelope of buccal swabs (cotton tampons) from the collection kit. Be sure to use the appropriate envelope for each party tested (i.e., use the “Child” envelope or the child). If the “Additional Tested Party” envelope is used, indicate what party (who) is being tested. Please complete the requested information on the swab envelope. Be sure to provide race information; it is necessary for statistical calculations.

Step 2: Collect Samples Using Swabs

Open the plastic wrapper at the end opposite from the cotton tip! Remove one swab from the package, taking care not to touch the end with the cotton tip. Insert a swab into the mouth, and rub it firmly back and forth, up and down on the inside of the cheek for a full 20 seconds. Be sure to rotate the swab while rubbing – it is important to collect cells on the entire swab. Insufficient DNA in the sample may require recollection and delay test results.

Step 3: Place Used Swabs (with collected sample)  in Envelope

Remove the swab from the mouth and place it directly into the paper envelope labeled for that person.

!!! DO NOT place the swabs back into the plastic wrapper !!!

Repeat the swab collection process with the remaining swabs. Use 2 swabs on the right cheek and 2 swabs on the left cheek. After all 4 swabs have been used, discard the plastic wrapper and seal the paper envelope labeled for that person.

Step 4: Follow Steps 1-3 for Each Person

Collect samples for any other tested parties by following Steps 1-3. Remember to label each specimen correctly and use all 4 swabs provided for each person.

Step 5: Complete the Client Information Form

Complete and sign the Client Information Form.

Step 6: Return Samples back to us

Place all the collected parties’ swab envelopes, along with the completed Client Information Form and return back to us.


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