At-Home DNA paternity test

If you do not need a DNA test for a legal purose and only want to take a paternity test strictly for your own knowledge, you have the option of ordering a At Home DNA Test from us. In home paternity testing, the tested parties collect their own DNA samples in comfort of their home and drop the collection kit with collected samples to our facility. Before ordering a home test, please consider the legal test if you believe the results will ever be used for more than just personal knowledge — this way, you won’t have to purchase another test in the future.

You can call 0302 932267 or 0540-990799 to order AT HOME DNA TEST, pay at the collection and pick up the DNA kit at our facility in Accra. All you have to do is to follow up the procedure guide (included in the kit), collect and send the samples back to us. Test results are usually available in 7 working days from receiving your samples at our facility. This universal sample collection kit can be used for paternity tests as well as for other any other DNA test.



3 thoughts on “At-Home DNA paternity test

    • Hello George, you can just order home DNA sample collection kit and collect saliva samples at home, and then send it back to us for testing. To order the kit and get the price call 0302932267.

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