Why should YOU do “LEGAL” paternity test?

We always advise our clients to order “LEGAL” paternity test with chain-of-custody if there is any kind of family dispute or even slightest possibility of court/legal proceedings. Result of legal paternity DNA test is defensible in court of law and you do not need to do it ever again.

Legal paternity DNA test can be effectively used for following situations:

  1. Child Support
  2. Child Custody
  3. Immigration
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Tax Forms
  6. Will
  7. Court Order
  8. Adoption
  9. Legal reasons

Your DNA samples will be tested at our accredited laboratory. Our laboratory technicians will carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Every paternity test using cheek swabs is run two separate times in the lab and the results are triple-checked by our scientists. You never have to worry about a mix-up or wrong results. As soon as the results are verified, a legal document that is admissible in a court of law is mailed to you.

To undergo legal paternity test, you need to book an appointment, come with the child(ren), bring your original ID (identity documents) and one (1) passport size photo to the appointment. Our AABB trained and certified sample collection manager will help you fill-in all chain-of-custody documentation, will verify your identity and will collect your cheek swab samples.

Entire sampling process usually takes about 30-45 minutes in private consulting room at our facility in Accra. If you have any questions regarding the legal DNA test or chain-of-custody process, please call us on 0302-932267 or email us at info@dnacenterghana.com.


Zero Fraud Tolerance at DNA Center Ghana

25th August 2015, Accra, Ghana

We are committed to conducting our DNA testing services in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. The public, patients and clients can expect the most professional, competent and transparent service. We strictly adhere to standard procedures and always comply with applicable legislation. In line with UK Fraud Act 2006 and the Bribery Act 2010, the DNA Center Ghana has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards fraud, bribery and corruption and will thoroughly investigate and seek to take disciplinary and/or legal action against those who perpetrate, are involved in, or assist with fraudulent or other improper activities through-out our operation(s).

CEO & Board of Directors
DNA Center Ghana Limited

Paternity test and immigration

Today we experience higher volume of migration compare to a decade ago. Majority of migrants are family members, direct and indirect uniting with their fathers, mothers, children, grandchildren etc.. During the immigration process in most cases you will get asked at some point to prove your biological relationship to the petitioner (person who is inviting you). Apart from birth certificates, blood tests and other proofs, DNA TEST is the most accurate and the most reliable way to prove your relationship beyond any doubt.

“To have your DNA test done at DNA Center Ghana, you just need to book the appointment on 0302-932267, come with your child, have your buccal (saliva) samples collected and fill the forms”

Immigration DNA tests are legally admissible following stringent COC (chain-of-custody) process to comply with immigration requirements all over the world. Our immigration DNA tests are ISO, AABB certified and UK Ministry of Justice approved. The process of having the immigration DNA test done requires also proper identification of tested individuals and filling the forms. All this is reflected in the cost of these tests and it would be unfortunate to go through this process only to find out there is no biological relationship at all……..and all the money are spent.

To avoid these expensive surprises, where you are not absolutely sure, we recommend to undergo DNA test for your knowledge only, which is the fraction of the cost of immigration DNA test, but actual analysis is identical to prove the relationship. You can even collect your samples conveniently at home using HOME DNA TEST and just send them for processing to us in Accra. Once you have confirmation of your biological relationship, you can proceed to immigration DNA test with all the confidence.

If you have any questions, or you require help with whole process, contact us via info@dnacenterghana.com or call 0302-219946 in Ghana or 0203-6429265 in UK.

Mobile version of dnacenterghana.com website launched

12th November, 2012, Accra, Ghana – DNA Center Ghana launched their first version of mobile website today to increase the accessibility of the information about its DNA services by Ghanaians without the regular access to internet on PC desktop or laptop.

It was proven by nationwide survey, performed by Bioquest Consulting, that mobile platform with its data services including internet and related online applications is prefered and widely used mode of accessing the internet. Almost 85% of our target audience uses the mobile (smartphone, iPhone, blackberry or PDA) to browse and download information from the internet.

Our mobile version of dnacenterghana.com makes navigation through the website in the mobile browser user-friendly without compromising the quality of the content and website functionalities. Also, you do not need to remember two different internet addresses (one regular and one mobile), our application will recognize when the website is accessed from the mobile browser and switches from regular website in to the mobile version.

DNA Center Ghana is the first healthcare company offrering the information to its potential clients via mobile platform in Ghana. We hope, that this step will benefit Ghanaians outside big cities and in the remote rural areas of the country. This way we can share the information and news with entire country in easy and well structred way.

Enjoy mobile experience with DNA Center Ghana

First non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing in Ghana

DNA Center Ghana is proud to announce new advanced non-invasive prenatal paternity test. This test can confirm or exclude the paternity for unborn child during the pregnancy provided the mother is at least 11 weeks pregnant. To run the test we only need to have a sample of whole blood from mother and alleged father obtained through standard blood draw performed by any nurse or phlebotomist. We do not use amniocentesis or CVS for sample collection and that makes our non-invasive test 100% safe for mother and the fetus. Our facility will provide special blood sample collection kit for every case.

Once the blood is collected from the mother and alleged father, circulating cell-free fetal DNA is separated from the mothers blood and DNA profile is prepared for the unborn baby and alleged father. Our test is more specific and sensitive due to the fact that cell-free fetal DNA is used. Other laboratories offer prenatal tests using amniocentesis, CVS or whole blood which increses the risk of misdiagnosis.

We are the first and only facility offering non-invasive prenatal paternity test in Ghana. Our tests are performed in AABB/ISO17025 accredited laboratory by scientific staff with many years of DNA analysis experience. For further information, consultation and pricing call +233-302-932267 or write to us at info@dnacenetrghana.com.

Peace-of-mind DNA paternity tests

DNA Center Ghana offers variety of DNA testing services to clients in Ghana. Most popular test is “peace-of-mind” DNA paternity test to eliminate all uncertainties about being biological parent of the child. Accuracy of our paternity test is higher than 99.99%. We appreciate the fact, that paternity test and the result can be life-changing experience so we use our Dual Process™ sample handling procedures. In this process, each DNA sample that arrives in the lab is divided in two for independent testing by two teams.

Before the DNA test can be performed, the sample from each participant has to be collected at our facility or by the individual him/her-self at home adhering strictly to the sample collection procedure (see the website for updates).

Our advanced DNA test requires only a sample of your saliva collected by cotton swabs included in the DNA collection kit. This test is suitable for children and individuals scared of needle, no unplesant blood collection is needed.

Our laboratory processing the DNA tests is AABB and ISO17025 accredited to meet the highest international standards. The results are ready in 5 working days and report is sent to your email (in non-editable format) or can be collected from our facility.

For more information or to discuss your specific case contact us on info@dnacenterghana.com.