New DNA collection site in Kumasi

17th April 2018, Accra, Ghana – DDC/DNA Center Ghana; We are pleased to announce expansion of our DNA testing services to Ashanti Region with establishment of new DDC DNA collection site in Kumasi, at Anloga Junction.

New DDC DNA facility in Kumasi will serve as point of sample collection for peace-of-mind DNA tests, such as paternity, maternity, siblingship and grandparenatge, legal DNA tests for courts or other legal proceedings and for immigration and travel VISA cases. To book appointment or request more information, call our Kumasi HOT-line 0209-751178.

DDC at Yaa Taah Arcade in Kumasi

DDC Ghana, Anloga Junction, Kumasi

Our AABB trained and certified sample collectors will attend to you with professionalism and care. The sampling is discrete and straight forward. Our staff will explain and help you to fill the forms.

Just to put your mind at ease, there are no needles involved and sample collection is absolutely painless. Your final DNA test report is 100% accurate, reliable and legal test report also defendable at court of law in Ghana, USA, UK, EU and elsewhere.

In the case of one of tested people lives in or closer to Greater Accra, he/she can come for their sampling at our Accra facility or if he/she lives abroad (eg. USA, UK, Germany, etc..), they can have their samples collected in the country of residence without coming to Ghana.

Contact DDC Ghana:

Phone: 0209-751178



DNA testing at DDC Ghana

DNA Centre Ghana has now officially become DDC Ghana. DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) was founded in in 1995, and is now one of the largest private DNA testing organization’s worldwide. We now deliver fast, accredited and affordable DNA testing services nationwide across Ghana and neighboring countries.

DDC has achieved a number of international accreditations including:

• ANAB Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025) (formerly ACLASS Accreditation Services)
• American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)
• ASCLD/LAB-International
• National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)
Ministry of Justice, UK (MOJ)
• Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)
• College of American Pathologists (CAP)
• New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)

We deliver various DNA testing options for both legal situations such as court cases, child dispute and immigration and personal knowledge tests for those who wish to confirm a biological relationship.

Paternity Testing Maternity Testing
Prenatal Testing whilst pregnant Siblingship Analysis
Grandparentage Testing Aunt/Uncle Testing
Twin Zygosity Immigration Testing
Y Chromosome Comparison Test mtDNA Comparison Test
Ancestry Testing Genetic Reconstruction
DNA Profiling DNA Banking
Cell Line Authentication Veterinary Testing

More than 5 reasons why to choose DNA test from DNA Center Ghana

DNA Center Ghana is currently the most reliable laboratory providing the most accurate and internationally accredited DNA testing in Ghana. Some of the laboratories in Ghana attempted to undertake DNA testing, but lack in accreditation, experience, accuracy and reliability.

When one chooses the laboratory to have their DNA test done, the most important things to check are the number of genetic markers the test detects, accreditation, accuracy and sampling procedures.

1. Our DNA tests detect minimum 20 STR loci (genetic markers), which increase the accuracy by unprecedented 500% compared to outdated 16 STR loci DNA tests still performed in Ghana. 16 genetic marker tests may report false reports in some cases! Our DNA paternity tests do not require the sample of the mother to be accurate, however we can add the mother’s sample when available.

2. All our tests are internationally accredited ISO17025, AABB, approved by UK Ministry of Justice, CIC accredited for Canadian Immigration tests, NATA accredited for Australian immigration tests. Our DNA tests results are recognized anywhere in the world.

3. Every DNA test result is confirmed by another independent DNA test before finally reported to the client. Using this Dual Process makes the testing and reporting most reliable. Every DNA test report issued by DNA Center Ghana Limited is most comprehensive, showing the names of tested individuals, individual results for all 20 tested genetic markers, word explanation and paternity probability in percentage.

4. For our clients who need to undertake immigration DNA tests and one of the tested individuals do not reside in Ghana, we can offer our international services. Person doesn’t have to come to Ghana to have their sample collected and spend thousands of $$$$. We will organize sample collection outside Ghana through the network of our collection points in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the world.

5. For clients living outside Accra, our laboratory offers home collection service. Client will receive home DNA collection kit, have their cheek swab (saliva sample) collected and sends it back to us for processing via prepaid secured delivery service. We save you time and money to travel to Accra from far away.

6. The most importantly, we enforce the client’s privacy and discrete handling of each case. We operate strictly by appointments, so each client has time and space to have their samples collected discretely without being met by number of other clients in the waiting room. After sample collection, all samples are bar-coded and processed under specific codes to comply with international standards.

DNA test is life changing decision, be smart, choose quality and reliability. Our laboratory has more then 15 years experience in DNA testing worldwide and over 4 years in Ghana.

Remember, cheap DNA test might not be the best choice for you!


Ghana: 0302-219946

UK: 0203-6429265

Canada immigration DNA tests in Ghana

If you are required to provide proof of biological relationship because of VISA application, settlement or family reunion by Canadian embassy or Canadian Immigration Authority you will need CIC accredited Immigration DNA test for Canada.

Experienced and trained DNA specialist at DNA Center Ghana will help you to fill the appropriate forms and advise you on what documentation you will need to provide together with your application. Second step will be for us to provide the sample collection kit to medical unit of Canadian embassy in Accra to perform verified sample collection by cheek swab.

If one of the tested individuals resides in Canada, we will direct them to our collection point in Canada to have their samples collected there instead of travelling to Ghana just for sampling.

DNA Center in Ghana is here for our clients to help them to obtain the proof of their biological relationship.

For more information, contact our immigration team at

PR Department

DNA Center Ghana