Where should I go in Ghana to have the DNA test done?

DDC Ghana, 3rd July 2018, Accra – There are many different DNA tests available for confirmation of biological relationship such as paternity, siblings, grandparents, auntie and uncle etc. for personal knowledge, court of law, embassy or immigration authorities.

DDC GHANA Office in Accra                 DDC at Yaa Taah Arcade in Kumasi

You can contact our two centers one in Accra (Tel: 0540990799) and the other one in Kumasi (Tel: 0209751178) for further information, requirements, pricing or to book an appointment to have your samples collected.

Don’t worry – our staff will explain everything, help you fill the forms and collect your samples. Everything is done discretely with individual approach to each client.

If you wish to collect your saliva samples yourself, we can provide HOME COLLECTION KIT for sample collection at home. Just lest us know if you need one. In case you want us  to collect your samples at your home or office, we can send our sampler to you – please enquire!

If you are looking for quality, accuracy, discretion, convenience and good price / contact DDC Ghana and we will do the rest.

DDC Ghana | 0302932267 | offie@dnacenter.com.gh


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