Paternity test without the alleged father’s sample

In cases where it is not possible to test a sample of an alleged father for reasons of absence, non-cooperation or death, our center offers an alternative solution called: indirect testing to determine paternity without an alleged father’s sample. Indirect paternity testing compares the DNA profile of the tested child with the DNA profile of a related family member.

paternity-testing ghIt is therefore possible to test the child with his sibling. During Sibling DNA test two or more siblings are tested and their DNA profiles are then compared. Another suitable test is the Grandparent DNA test, when it is possible to compare the DNA profile of the child and one or both paternal-grandparents. In cases where the parents of the alleged father are not alive or unable to provide their DNA sample, it is possible to test the siblings of the alleged father (aunt or uncle of the tested child) – Avuncular test (DNA test aunt / uncle). Male child can also be tested for a related male relative using the Y-STR DNA test (Y chromosome is only present in males).

There are many ways to determine biological fatherhood without a sample of an alleged father. For all DNA tests mentioned above, it is also possible to test non-standard samples such as hair, toothbrush, nails, cigarette butt, etc..

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Legal DNA Testing in Ghana for Courts and Embassies

14th June, 2018 DDC Ghana – DDC Ghana, the leading DNA testing company has been providing its legal DNA testing services to public in Ghana and neighbouring countries since 2010. Our staff is AABB trained and certified to provide professional help, collect your samples and assist you with filling the forms.

Immigration DNA testing

Testing is done in ISO17025 accredited DDC laboratory and reports are recognized in Ghana, EU, UK, USA and in rest of the world. Our reports include names of tested parties, DNA profiles of tested persons, written interpretation, name and signature of the laboratory director, legal seal and signature of Public Notary. We can also provide Apostile and Affidavit documents to attach to the legal DNA test report if requested.

In past couple of year with increased volume of migration/settling VISA applications we experience high demand for DNA tests for Immigration agencies and Embassies. DDC is the best DNA laboratory to order such DNA test from. We are recognized worldwide, fully accredited and with over 20 years of experience performing legal DNA tests.

If the tested persons are not all in the same country, we will organize sample collection through of cross-country testing department at one of our collection sites worldwide.  Remember! You do NOT have to reside in the same country to have DNA test done – and you certainly do NOT need to travel to Ghana or abroad to have your DNA test done!  

To begin the process: just call us on 0540990799 to find out what you need to provide on the day of the appointment and the cost of the whole process. We currently process legal and immigration cases in two locations: Accra and Kumasi.