The most reliable DNA testing services in Ghana

Why are our DNA testing services the most reliable in Ghana? Answer is very simple and straight forward. We employ only qualified staff, follow set good-practice procedures and use advanced DNA techniques and molecular methods.

DDC banner

DDC Ghana staff attending directly to our clients/patients have university degree. Support staff dealing with sample processing is AABB trained on relationship sample handling and processing the chain-of-custody paperwork whenever required for legal or immigration purposes.

Our processing center in Accra and Kumasi operates in accordance with the most current AABB Relationship Testing Sample Collection policy. The process from sample collection to reporting the result includes multiple quality control checks to eliminate errors and/or avoid DNA fraud.

When it comes to the DNA testing itself, we test four (4) cheek swabs in two (2) separate testing groups of scientists and technicians. This is called DUAL PROCESS testing and is only available from DDC. In practice it means that Dual Process makes testing 100% Accurate and Reliable.

We, at DDC Ghana take pride in error-free testing, 100% confidential case handling and the most affordable pricing of DNA tests in the country.

DDC Ghana | Tel: 0540-990799 or 0302-932267 | contact us via email


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