New DNA collection site in Kumasi

17th April 2018, Accra, Ghana – DDC/DNA Center Ghana; We are pleased to announce expansion of our DNA testing services to Ashanti Region with establishment of new DDC DNA collection site in Kumasi, at Anloga Junction.

New DDC DNA facility in Kumasi will serve as point of sample collection for peace-of-mind DNA tests, such as paternity, maternity, siblingship and grandparenatge, legal DNA tests for courts or other legal proceedings and for immigration and travel VISA cases. To book appointment or request more information, call our Kumasi HOT-line 0209-751178.

DDC at Yaa Taah Arcade in Kumasi

DDC Ghana, Anloga Junction, Kumasi

Our AABB trained and certified sample collectors will attend to you with professionalism and care. The sampling is discrete and straight forward. Our staff will explain and help you to fill the forms.

Just to put your mind at ease, there are no needles involved and sample collection is absolutely painless. Your final DNA test report is 100% accurate, reliable and legal test report also defendable at court of law in Ghana, USA, UK, EU and elsewhere.

In the case of one of tested people lives in or closer to Greater Accra, he/she can come for their sampling at our Accra facility or if he/she lives abroad (eg. USA, UK, Germany, etc..), they can have their samples collected in the country of residence without coming to Ghana.

Contact DDC Ghana:

Phone: 0209-751178



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