Canada immigration DNA tests in Ghana

If you are required to provide proof of biological relationship because of VISA application, settlement or family reunion by Canadian embassy or Canadian Immigration Authority you will need CIC accredited Immigration DNA test for Canada.

Experienced and trained DNA specialist at DNA Center Ghana will help you to fill the appropriate forms and advise you on what documentation you will need to provide together with your application. Second step will be for us to provide the sample collection kit to medical unit of Canadian embassy in Accra to perform verified sample collection by cheek swab.

If one of the tested individuals resides in Canada, we will direct them to our collection point in Canada to have their samples collected there instead of travelling to Ghana just for sampling.

DNA Center in Ghana is here for our clients to help them to obtain the proof of their biological relationship.

For more information, contact our immigration team at

PR Department

DNA Center Ghana


2 thoughts on “Canada immigration DNA tests in Ghana

  1. I want to know how much it will cost for my stepdaughter and the father who just got to know he has a daughter of 13years to have a DNA test and also the duration of it been ready because the father has to travel back to Canada in one & half month time. I have called your line several times without response.


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